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Wiki Backlink Service

It’s no secret anymore that a good ranking in search engines will ensure  moref visitors will be attracted to your website. Here I will  try to showyou that to help achieve this you need quality backlinks to your site.

One source of quality backlinks is largely from WIKI.

Why is this Wiki backlink service so successful?

Contextual Links : After Google Update and Google Panda and Penguin; Google redefined what was considered a good backlink and decided it would place greater emphasis on contexual backlinks rather than the traditional  backlinks used previously.Contexual backlinks is a popular service we are proud to offer and we can spin articles using the latest Spinner Software.

UNIQUE DOMAINS and IP : We stock thousands of listed Wiki Sites with any number of different domain extensions (. Com,. Net,. Org,.  Edu, etc.) and they come from many different countries notablyy America, Europe and Australasia. This variety is universally perceived as an excellent way of providing quality backlinks.

HIGH PAGE RANKING (PR) 0-8 (including EDU/GOV ) : The higher the page ranking the better the backlink.

INDEXING WIKIS : As part of our service we submit all the backlinks that have been made ​​to LINDEXING.COM. Lindexed will force google to trawl your backlinks whilst indexing them to wiki.

This is our offer to you:

  • 1 article spin with established software called “Thebestspinner”  (alternatively you can also provide your own article)
  • Submission to LINDEXING to speed up the indexing process
  • A different username on each Wiki site
  • A Full report

Wiki Backlink Service

  • Wiki Backlink
  • Wiki Site
Bronze Plan


One Time Payment
  • 6000 Live Links
  • 1000 Site
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Silver Plan


One Time Payment
  • 12000 Live Links
  • 2000 Site
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Gold Plan


One Time Payment
  • 18000 Live Links
  • 3000 Site
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Platinum Plan


One Time Payment
  • 24000 Live Links
  • 4000 Site
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Frequently asked questions:

Q : Are these links safe?

A : This is absolutely safe. Google is currently giving huge authority to these links. You can blast your main website or if you prefer your Tier 1 properties.

Q : What is your guarantee?

A : If we do not finish your order within the delivery time on each package then we will refund your money without any questions.
Q : How can I pay for your services?

A : Paypal Only

Q : Do you offer refunds?

A : YES, but it will depend on the circumstance in which the buyer is requesting a refund and while we endeavour to satisfy every one of our customers the best we can, we will either offer to re-run that campaign for you again for free, or offer you a 75% refund. 25% of the order is non-refundable as it’s used for order processing and handling.

Q : Do you screen all content submitted to you?

A : Yes. To protect the integrity of our service and the satisfaction of our customers, we screen every URL submitted to us to ensure it is of sufficient quality and unique content. We ensure no infringement on terms and conditions for both parties.

Q : How can I guarantee my content is approved?

A : We will not approve any content which is pornographic, racist or excessively-violent. The best advice we can give you is to be sure when you place an order you are submitting a high-quality page that is of unique and interesting content.

Q : Can I cancel my order once it’s placed?

A : That depends on the circumstances. If we have already started promoting your content, then we cannot cancel the order. 25% handing and processing fee is non-refundable. Orders are processed within 24-48hrs. Anytime before that, it will be possible to cancel your order providing you contact us as soon as possible.