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Xrumer Forum Profile Backlinks With Premium Indexing

For a limited time only we are offering incredibly competitive pricing on this backlinking package.


When doing a simple profile blast most links never come to Google’s attention because there are often no links to them making it very difficult for Google to find them. Only a small number of them are indexed but because of the lack of link juice they are not contributing much to any real SEO score.

Why is this package different from other profile backlinks services?

The answer is that we are going one step further with Premium Backlink Indexing methods on 4 Levels.

  • Level 1 : When posting your links we are pinging them in real time to top pinging services using a quality Bulk Indexing Tool (desktop version). This will give 20% more backlinks indexed than using just a simple blast.
  • Level 2 : We will submit your backlinks to Lindexed.com service. This will provide 25% more backlinks indexed than using a simple blast.
  • Level 3 : We will create content reach BIT micro site (Bulk Indexing Tool Online) with all your backlinks and dynamic RSS feed. We will upload it to aged domain. This will provide 35% more backlinks indexed than using a simple blast.
  • Level 4 : We will build 25,000 One Way Links (blog comments) that point to BIT micro site. This is giving a powerful basement to all profile pages with one way links to your money site.

Using all 4 levels allows us to get very close to 100% index rate by building such a strong link network.

*Level 1 is included in prices and other levels are optional.



Profile Backlink Pricing

  • Total Backlinks


One Time Payment


One Time Payment


One Time Payment
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– Turn Around Time

Usually you will get report in few days for single profile blast.
Allow us maximum 5 days in case there are a lot of orders.
For “BIT Indexing + 25,000 One Way Links” (Premium Indexing Level 3 and 4) it will take 5 days more.


– How many links & keywords I can submit per order

You can submit maximum 10 URLs and 10 Keywords.
Our advice is to submit Home page of your money site and several inner pages.
All keywords will be randomly assigned to all links – each link will get equal number of anchor keywords.
There isn’t a way to choose what keywords will link to what pages.


– How many unique domains links I will get

We use more 10,000 and still growing unique forums database. If you order some of higher packages we will use the same database few times.


– Is this safe for new site

We always advice clients if they have new site without links to point this kind of blast to some of online properties that link to their site (for example Squidoo lens), or to first build some strong high PR links.
This is just our advice, but we did this many times to new sites and they never got deindexed.


– What can I expect from this service ?

You can expect better SERP (position on Search Engines) rankings.


– Would this get my site banned from Google ?

If your site is already blacklisted then you will stay there, but this service will not make any negative impact on your ranking.
If your site is new or you have low number of backlinks what could happen is that you move backwards in SERP, but only for SHORT time. After that you will come back to old position and continue going forward.


– Would my site come to the first page on Google ?

This depends of many many factors and it’s not easy to predict without deeper analyzes.
Your position depends of number of competitors for your keywords, strength of their backlinks, your domain age vs their, your on page SEO (number of words, keyword density, anchor text, H1, alt, title and other html tags…), keyword rich domain and URLs, quality of content…
What we can guarantee is that your SEO score is better with more links then without.


Any Question, Don’t Shy to Contact Us.