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We will GUARANTEE you a minimum of 2500  REAL visitors every  month

Get access to a global on-line advertising network composed of thousands of websites worldwide  receiving hundreds of thousands of website visitors every single day.

Choose your targeted visitors by GEOGRAPHY or LANGUAGE


 Our Traffic Network

Our advertising network is composed of thousands of websites designed to cover a wide variety of topics and categories. Some of these websites are large portals, while others may have a more narrow market.

Every day millions of users access over 20,000 sites in this network to get daily news, watch music videos, get their local weather, play games, get sports headlines, movie reviews, and much more. In addition to these sites, over 12,000 domains are maintained, each related to specific topics or categories, which generate large amounts of quality traffic.

When customers sign up to a campaign their website is displayed as a full page advertisement, usually in a full-screen pop-up or pop-under window.

Once your campaign is active, it will display your site on the network where it will be viewed by thousands of real people each month.

Our Traffic Process

The end result is a massive exposure of your website offering to a broad audience. Compared to pay-per-click or other advertising methods, you will be able to show your site to more people, at a much lower cost per view and in a shorter amount of time.

Equally importantly you will be able to monitor daily how many real visits and returning visitors you are getting for your money.

Three months is a recommended requirement to see results and trends which can be measured in terms of returning visitors, enquiries and sales.

Geographic and Language Options

Our service allows you to choose how your traffic is regulated through filtering website traffic by geographic or language targets. We understand that clients shipping products to specific markets may not want to attract visitors worldwide. Similarly a website composed entirely in English will not need visitors who speak other languages, and vice-versa.

By following a first general campaign you can then look at where the majority of enquiries and sales are from and/or then select a target market that meets your future business requirement.

Campaign pricing

Website access to the huge network of sites and search engines we offer, will deliver amounts of targeted website traffic that no traditional online promotion method can provide. More importantly we can deliver very targeted traffic that is both affordable and measurable.



2,500 VISITORS Monthly (75 to 100 visitors per day) @ $45



5,000 VISITORS Monthly (150 to 200 visitors per day) @ $75



10,000 VISITORS Monthly (325 to 400 visitors per day) @ $135


Ask for special bulk pricing up to 100,000 visitors monthly

90 day initial term only

Renewal on 30 day terms after 90 days



www.statcounter.com is the best way to view your results on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Graphs show:

Page Load – The number of times your page has been visited.
First Time Visits – this person has no cookie and this is considered their first time at your website.
Unique Visitors – this is the total of the returning visits and first time visits, so all your visitors.
Returning Visits -this person is returning to your website for another visit an hour or more later

We install Statcounter on your website for a minimal charge of $15 or you can visit their website for instructions to self-install.

Target Markets


United States

United States Central

United States East

United States West

United States Pacific

United States and Canada


United Kingdom



English Language



To Order our 90 day Plans:

Send PayPal payment to s3579@tesco.net


3 Months:

Plan A $135

Plan B $225

Plan C $405

Statcounter $15


Send email to support@backlinkbuddies.com detailing:

1 Website URL

2 Visitor Traffic Plan A B or C

3 Target market

4 Statcounter requirement


Guaranteed Quality Visitors

No fake or inactive users.

Get real people who are ready to become your clients